I was excited to unbox Woof Pack and see what fun Tucker and Toby had in store! The box was simple and nice, just the name on it in big letters. I always note the box, I love seeing the choices companies make with their box decor. I liked the simplicity of this one. Off to a good start!

Woof Pack Subscription Box

When I opened it, I first noticed the colors in the box – nice, bright blue and orange. Things are still looking good.

Eager to dig in – and I should note the pups were not with me at the time – I realized if I was this excited, they were really going to love it.

Inside the box I found 7 items:

  • Toys: Hands on a rope, Shoe, Ball
  • Treats: Marrow Bone, Yappetizers, Buddy Jacks
  • Waste bags

When I introduced the box to the pups, there was a lot of excited tail wagging.

I revealed the toys one a time. Each toy was met with a quick sniff and instant play time. They had a lot of fun. The hands on the rope was the clear favorite – especially for Toby.

Woof Pack toys

Toby bringing me the hands to play with him

The toys did a good job of distracting the pups, but they soon remembered they had smelled treats in there.

Woof Pack Treats

So now was the really fun part. I love giving them treats and seeing what they think. These treats were a hit. They gobbled up what I gave them and promptly asked for more.

I have to admit, I loved watching the pups enjoy the toys and treats, as much as they loved having them.

The box was a hit. The value was there. The quality of the items was great. The presentation was nice. The dogs indicated their approval with their fast and furious wagging tails!

I definitely recommend this for anyone with a pup. Want to get a discount? Here you go! Use code BOXSPOILERS60 for 60% off the first box on a 6 or 12 month plan. BOXSPOILERS20 for 20% off the monthly option.

“Let’s play”