We work long hours, we are often available to anyone who needs us every waking minute. As a society, we have found a way to be constantly on the go. Often we find it hard to say no. Busy and productive is a badge of honor.

And that is exactly why we need self care. We need to refill our resources. Refueling is good for you emotionally and physically – and it’s also good for all the people and tasks that demand your attention. You are able to give the best of yourself when you’ve taken time to care for yourself.

The down side of constantly responding to the demands of others? Burnout, anxiety, depression, resentment and a whole myriad of other things.

Collectively, we need to get to a place where there is no guilt associated with self care. We deserve it, and we need it. Period. If you need more proof…

  • It has been clinically proven that self care will reduce or eliminate anxiety, depression and stress. It will also improve concentration, minimize frustration, increase happy feelings, improve your energy, and so much more.
  • From a physical perspective it’s been clinically proven that self care will reduce heart disease, stroke and cancer.
  • Spiritually, we are more likely to feel better aligned and be mindful and purposeful in our daily activities.

Everyone needs to determine what their self care plan will look like. Here are some ideas to consider.

Emotional: Talk to a friend, family member or professional support, laugh, journal, read, be artsy, listen to music, cry , hug someone, create goals and plans, take a nap, create vision boards, practice gratitude, take a bath, use bath or personal care products that are scented and make you feel pampered, learn about ways to enrich your mind and life and start implementing them, find a subscription box that has products that promote health, stress reduction and self care.

Physical: Take a walk, breathe fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, pick up litter, clean your house, work out, eat healthy, get proper sleep, do Yoga, do stretching, walk barefoot in the grass, meditate.  

Intellectual: Read, listen to podcasts or audiobooks, do puzzles, be curious, take a class, complete a program, write.

Social: Hang out with friends and family, communicate with old friends, volunteer, make plans to go out, take a class or go to a Meet Up, host a game night, go for afternoon tea, walk with a group.

Spiritual: Meditate, pray, do yoga, visit a meaningful place, consider your higher purpose and meaning, look to your higher power, volunteer, find ways to express your spirituality.

Making time For Self Care

In addition to feeling guilty or like self care is selfish, people often neglect their self care because they think they don’t have time. Look for time in your schedule. Do you need to spend as much time on social media? How long do you spend watching or reading the news? Could you cut some time away from those areas and devote it to personal care? Make an active choice to prioritize self care and you will find the time.

What will you do this week to ensure you get some good self care time?