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Custom vitamin packs

vtmn PACKS has been shipping since December 2019.

Build your own pack or take the health assessment to determine what vitamins you need. Their health assessment takes into account many of the common allergies, but please share any information you think they need.


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personalized vitamin subscription
VTMN Packs vitamin subscription
VTMN Packs vitamin subscription
VTMN Packs vitamin subscription
SAM & LANCE sub box

Pricing varies based on your customized packs.

Billing Dates: Approximately 10 days before your current packs are finished.


Free shipping over $75, otherwise calculated by your location

Ships to: Canada

Shipping Dates: Ships within 24 hours of billing, however, if your order comes on a Friday it won’t ship until Monday afternoon.

Packaging Materials: ¬†They are currently looking into the most sustainable option that still protects the stability and potency of the vitamins. They are now offering the option to send back your empty packs back in a pre-addressed, stamped envelope so they can then send them (in bulk) to TerraCycle for recycling. This is offered free of charge. Email the company to inquire about this option, it’s not on the website yet.