We were so excited to get this box and loved everything about it. We highly recommend it, as a gift to yourself or someone you care about.

In the box was:

  • Cookie Cutters (A lilttle confusing at first, but it was actually nice to get something so different)
  • Turkish Beach Towel (LOVE the color)
  • Novel – Meet Me In Paradise
  • Flightfud – The Healthy Travel Drink Mix
  • Flamingo Cosmetics/Accessory Bag (Amy can’t wait to use this on her trip this summer)
  • Wash/Clean Pouch For Clothing (Amy’s favorite product!)
  • Lime Coconut Palm Candle
  • Product info
  • Travel Documents Folder that holds the papers (such a cute touch!)

From the pretty color of the box, to the quotes about travel on the box, the adorable Travel Documents folder to all of the great products – this box was perfection. It really creates a fun experience.

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