Hushbug Book Box is a hit! It was my first time getting this and I loved it. I’ve never received any book box before. Inside this May 2022 box was:

Uptown Sox – Shakespurr Socks – This was unexpected but I can see how it’s a perfect item for a book box. You want cozy feet when you curl up to read!
Handmade Bookmark by Bird Marks – This is really cute and handy. I don’t have to go searching for any of my other bookmarks. I love that it’s handmade.
Spring Florals Book Review Journal – Emily Cromwell Designs – I have heard of people keeping a book journal, but I’ve never done it myself. I like the idea of keeping track of what I read and what I thought of it. So I am going to give it a try. It’s a very cute book.
Refreshing Lemonade Mix – Gourmet Village – Haven’t tried this yet but I look forward to trying it. Lemonade is the perfect summer drink.
Vegan Shark Attack – Squish Candies – Yum. 
Hushbug Book Box Pen – Cute and convenient.
Colourful Binder Clip – This felt a little random but it was cute and I’ll use it. S0 it’s all good.

…and the book is: Book Lovers by Emily Henry

I haven’t read the book yet but it looks cute and I plan to read it by a pool. Anyone have a pool I can lay beside and read?  🙂 

Stay tuned for another post once I read the book. I’ll take pics of my thoughts written in the book journal.

There was a letter from the author that I wanted to tell you about. I’ll read it before I read the book and I’ll share details after I am done.

I think this book was well thought out and a lot of fun. I love reading so this is a great way for me to discover new books and authors.

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