Hushbug Book Box July 2022 Unboxing and Review!

I love this box! It’s my second time getting it and I am thrilled. I had a glitch when ordering. When I contacted support, they were quick to respond, very helpful and so kind. Turns out it was human error! 🙂

I haven’t read the book yet, but it’s the next one in my stack of books, so I’ll be reading it soon!

In this box:

  • A beautiful product card
  • All Natural Body Balm – Duckish
  • Hummingbird Notebook – Native Northwest – Artist: Francis Dick
  • Compostable Lavender Minipot – Mano Verde
  • Let It Grow Tea Towel – Danica Jubilee
  • Maple Praline Almonds – Laid Back Snacks
  • Muscadine Buds Hard Candy – Butterfields
  • All in Your Head Essential Oil Headache Relief – Farmstead Naturals
  • Dream On by Angie Hockman

I honestly loved everything but the notebook really stood out, it’s a perfect size and the cover art is so beautiful (you can see it below). The tea towel was also really nice and something I always appreciate getting.  The hard candy is DELICIOUS! It’s grape flavored and so good! I was surprised by the lavender minipot and love it. Such a cool idea.

I think this was a well-curateed box and great value for the money. I highly recommend it and I will definitely continue to get it. 

I can definitely say this box is helping me make more time for reading again – and that is a really good thing. Less time on my phone and more time with a book in my hand. 

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Hushbug Book Box Unboxing July 2022
Hushbug Unboxing July 2022
Hushbug Book Box Unboxing July 2022