Unboxing a Highway 522 box is always fun – there are always luxurious products and they are always from Canadian businesses. I’ve unboxed Hwy 522 quite a few times and I am always thrilled.

In this box:

  • Shady Lady Sunglasses
  • Rattan Woven Bag
  • the takesumi detox charcoal deodorant
  • the underarm bar
  • Om After Sun Mist
  • Joseph Tassoni Kimono

The sunglasses are fun and come in a bold yellow case. The rattan bag is so nice – it’s big – which means I can carry more stuff! It has a beautiful tie around it, polka dots on one side and a beautiful floral on the other – you can leave it wrapped around the bag or use it for your hair, or a neck scarf. It’s a great little bonus! The kimono is so beautiful and perfect over a swimsuit at a nice resort. It’s sheer and soft and a beautiful tropical pattern. I am really excited about the After Sun Mist also!

Keeping it real here – this box is expensive BUT the products are high-end luxury products. This box is perfect for anyone who loves luxury items. I also have to say that none of these products sit around collecting dust. It’s all stuff you will wear or use and enjoy. Melanie, the founder of Highway 522, spends a lot of time exploring the products she wants to feature. You can count on the quality and the end result is a box that makes you feel pampered, living luxuriously.

I have to give a shoutout to the Joseph Tassoni towel in the Spring box – it’s so soft and every time I use it, I am so glad I got the box just for that towel. I also discovered Sahajan in one of the Highway 522 boxes and I now use a few of their products – because they are amazing!

I should also note that they also offer a teen box called Olivia + Reese. Check it out. I think it’s so great to introduce teens to products that can make them feel pampered. Teenage years can be tough and it’s nice to have something special to look forward to. You can check it out on their site (link below).

And for those with fur babies – they are launching a new box called Nash + Ella – it’s a dog lifestyle box. It looks adorable and fun – as are the real-life Nash + Ella, who inspired the box. We will be unboxing the first-ever box this fall. Get more details on their site and check back here for the unboxing.


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