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Tribe Beauty Box


Lovely Products!

Tribe Beauty has an affiliate program available. 


-The best indie and female-owned makeup brands delivered to you. 5+ full size products in each box. New and amazing makeup products worth over $120 in each box. They also have a store. 


Bi-Monthly: $34.99 

3 Boxes: $110.97 (works out to $36.99 per box) 

6 Boxes: $209.94 ( works out to $34.99 per box)

Billing Dates:

February Box: Bills January 15th, April Box: Bills March 15th, June Box: Bills May 15th, August Box: Bills July 15th, October Box: Bills September 15th, December Box: Bills November 15th.


Shipping Cost: Determined at checkout. 

Shipping Dates: 1st of February, April, June, August, October, and December.