Bi-Monthly is also an option

The Very Good Butchers


Plant-based “meat” goodies

They have been shipping since April 2018. They offer a rewards and referral program. They offer a coupon code when you join their newsletter. The Very Good Butchers give back via their Burger of the Month at the Butcher Shop.  

The Very Good Butchers Subscription Box

“Each month they offer their best-selling vegan goodies to make your plant-based dreams come true.” They offer a store online, in additon to their boxes.



The Very Good Butchers Photos

food subscription box
food sub box
the very good butchers

Big Box One-Time: $99.00

Big Box Subscription: $94.05

Very Good Box One-Time: $50.00

Very Good Box Subscription: $47.50

Charcuterie One-Time: $60.00

Billing Dates: 30 or 60 days from the original purchase.


Shipping Fees: Varies

Ships to: Canada and United States

Packaging Materials: For the ice packs, the outer bag can be recycled. You can cut them open to remove the liquid/gel (this can be disposed of in the garbage, or down the drain with hot water to dissolve it, it is 100% food safe).

For the individual plastic packaging on the product, you can clean, peel off the sticker if needed, and put in the soft plastic recycling.

The packaging that keeps your product cold is The Green Cell Foam. It is used to insulate the boxes. It is the most environmentally sustainable and functional packaging material available.