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The Craft & Tea Box

Food / Craft

Delicious Fun

Their first box ships in July 2021. (Congratulations!). Their website shares that they hope to bring some “me time” to people. They invite you to put the kettle on and settle in to enjoy their craft kit.

Inside the box is a DIY craft kit and a bag of loose tea both sourced from small business owners.


Individual Box: $49.00

3 Month Subscription: $48.00 per month

6 Month Subscription: $47.00 per month

Annual Subscription: $46.00 per month

Billing Dates: The 11th of the month.


$7.95 per box within Canada and $9.95 to the U.S.

Ships to: Canada and United States

Shipping Dates: Box will ship on the 4th of the month or the closest business day.

Packaging Materials: Paper and cardboard

Blog Posts About The Craft & Tea Box

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First let me say I said the wrong name in the video! It's The Craft and Tea Box (I said Crate - sorry!) This box is such a great idea - some tea to drink while you relax and do a craft. Love that! The box comes with everything you need to do the craft - even a glue...

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Someone out there thinks they want to start a business. They want to curate beautiful, fun, luxurious, creative, unique boxes of products for us to enjoy. Then they decide to go for it and take action – and a business is born. I support that business! OK, I admit, I...