I was really excited to receive the Balanced Lifestyle Box Spring 2022. After seeing the spoilers, I knew I was going to love everything in the box. I should note, this is the Canadian box.

In the box was:

  • Tie-Dye Yoga Towel
  • Jade Stone Gua Sha Comb
  • Travel Duffle Bag (love this!)
  • Hair Masque
  • Mrs. Meyers Body Wash – Plum Berry
  • For Your Face Face Lotion
  • Blush Box
  • Vitamin C Organic Spray
  • Hand and Nail Cream
  • Dark Circle Eye Cream

I really do love everything in the box. I was most excited about the duffle bag. It’s perfect for a little weekend getaway. The yoga towel is also pretty cool. I love the tie-dye and the colors, but it also has little things on the bottom so it grips the floor and stays in place while doing yoga.

This box was a great value for the money.

Stay tuned for a follow-up post talking about the hair masque, dark circle eye cream and For Your Face lotion.

Both Amy and I have received the Balanced Company boxes before. We always love the products. They do a great job and they have a variety of different boxes. Our job here is to give an honest review so I do need to mention that as much as I love the box, I have found their customer service to be lacking at times. They have been slow and not entirely helpful. They also don’t respond to our messages on Instagram.

We remain fans of the box and we never want to bash a company. But I had to keep it real and share our experience.

Check out The Balanced Company’s profile on our site.

Balanced Lifestyle Box
The Balanced Lifestyle Box Spring 2022
Balanced Company Lifestyle Box Spring 2022