“Do I really need any more products?” I asked

“No” I answered.

So far I didn’t like how this conversation (with myself) was going.

That’s when I realized that my subscription box purchases are not about needing products. Buying these boxes give me so many benefits:

  • Excitement and anticipation for a surprise that will arrive at my door 
  • Discovery of new products – most of which are eco-friendly and/or good for me – I am replacing products that weren’t sustainable – this is a great long term benefit
  • I support small business that in most cases are women-owned or BIPOC-owned. This is huge small businesses need us more than ever. Especially women and minority owned
  • Many of the subscription box companies give back, so my order directly helps a cause
  • Me time – self-care and pampering is so important – using the products from my boxes encourages me to make time for this
  • Right now, I am only buying Canadian boxes – and most of them are using products from Canadian vendors – so I am supporting Canadian businesses
  • I donate all products that I don’t like or can’t use – so women who are either refugees or escaping domestic violence get to enjoy some self-care at a much-needed time in their life
  • I’ve gotten to know some amazing people at the box companies

I don’t really need to justify my purchases, although a full shelf of products was trying to convince me to use some before I buy more. It really was nice to stop and consider all of the benefits I get from these boxes. Please note, nothing goes to waste. I make sure that I use everything up or pass it on to a friend or family member if I don’t think I can finish it.

Do you buy all the boxes you want? What are the benefits you get from these boxes?



Credit: BlisstuBox