Summer Skin Care Tips!

Summer is almost here! Does it feel like it took forever to you?  It does to me! Now that it’s almost here, it’s time to get into summer mode – which means cute outfits, sandals and sun protection!

Here are some skin care tips to make sure your skin stays glowing, soft and beautiful through the summer.

The number one tip is: ALWAYS apply sunscreen. Even if the sun isn’t intense or is hiding behind some clouds, your skin still needs protection. Sun exposure is one of the things that can bring out signs of aging, like lines, wrinkles and sagging. Some may experience dark spots as well. Apply in the morning and if you are really active or out in intense heat, reapply every hour. Don’t forget your feet! They can experience sun damage as well.

Drink lots of water. It’s important to stay hydrated. You will look and feel your best when you are properly hydrated.

Be sure to exfoliate. Skin can look dull and breakouts are more likely when you have dead skin cells and other impurities on your skin. A good exfoliator will remove all of that and leave your skin looking fresh and brighter. There are so many great, nature scrubs on the market. Find one that you like and that works for your skin.

Don’t forget your eyes. A good eye cream will help that thin and sensitive skin. If you wear a concealer or foundation under the eyes and you find it’s settling into the fine lines, it will help to ensure the area is moist and plump. Look for a nice rich and creamy eye cream at night. Sunglasses can also help protect that sensitive skin around your eyes. Pick out a fabulous pair!

Find a good summer moisturizer for your face. Often winter moisturizers are a little heavier and you may find it’s too much in the summer months.

Wear a hat for extra sun protection on those days when the sun is really intense or you are out in the sun for longer than usual.

Use a Vitamin C Serum. It’s so great for evening skin tone and giving your face a healthy glow. Put it on after cleansing and toning, before your moisturizer.

Summer skin care tip bonus! Take some time to pamper yourself and use a face and hair masque a couple of times a week. It’s great to take some time for yourself and let your skin expel all those impurities and rehydrate. Don’t forget your hair masque. Let your hair soak in some extra moisture.

Drink lots of water! (Yes, I am repeating myself, just seeing if you are paying attention!)

What tips do you have for the summer months? What products do you love? Let us know!