Skin care routine newbie!

I hate to admit it, but I used to be a skin care novice. Face wash, moisturizer and SPF. I took care of the basics, but I had no idea what my skin needed and how many things could improve the issues I was vaguely aware of.

Enter Vegan Cuts and I Live Eco

I Live Eco introduced me to the very affordable brand The Ordinary, while Vegan Cuts got me trying masks, serums and all kinds of fun stuff.  I realized I was missing out on a whole world of pampering bliss.  

Most of Vegan Cuts products were not full sizes, so I was able to try out lots of different things.  I did 3 months of Vegan Cuts to give it a try and I loved it.  

I then turned to the bottle of Squalane I got in I Live Eco.  I looked into the company and found that I was able to start experimenting with different serums that were specific to my sensitive skin type. They were so affordable, I could try different products and not break the bank.  I also loved that they came in glass packaging and were cruelty free.  Bonus!  

Through subscription boxes I also discovered the world of masks. Now when I want to have a relaxing evening and feel pampered I will use one of the masks I’ve received from one of my boxes.  

Skin Care Routine Concerns

As someone with extremely sensitive skin and allergies, I was concerned about how many products I could actually try. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that there are actually very few that I can’t use (I gift the ones I can’t use – so there is no waste).

In my experience, most companies are trying to be as accommodating as possible with allergies and sensitivities.

I love how subscription boxes have opened up a whole new world to me. I’ve tried and now use so many things that I never would have thought of. 

I am conscious of the potenial for waste although, it has been my experience that most companies are starting to become aware that consumers care about where they purchase from and that we want more sustainability and less waste.  Box companies are making great choices (for the most part) about what they use to package the products with as well as the products they choose to include.  They are choosing cruelty free, ethically sourced, and more vegan friendly products as well as sustainable packaging and plastic free options. This means a lot to me and does impact where I choose to buy from. 

The world is changing and it’s nice to see that the subscription box world is changing right along with it.  

Aside from learning how to care for my skin, and seeing improvements in my skin, I am also enjoying pampering myself! 

Have you changed your skin care routine as a result of subscription boxes? Share on our socials or in the comments below.