I recently shared my unboxing of Selv Rituel’s February 2022 Box and I was excited to try the Bath Tea product! I’ve never seen a product like that before and I loved the idea of it!

I am not sure what I expected but I was pleasantly surprised at how fun it was. I watched the bathwater turn purple. I noticed some of the tea leaves and flowers came out of the bag but it only added to the experience. The smell was very subtle. But the color! It was so great.

Bath Tea from Selv Rituel
Selv Rituel Bath Tea
Bath Tea Review

Watching the color spread and deepen in the water was fun and so peaceful. Aside from taking a few pics for this post, I laid back and let myself fully relax. I thought of the mission of Selv Rituel – to teach people to slow down and love themselves. I found focusing on the color spreading in the water helped me turn my mind off more than I usually do. Having a focal point that didn’t prompt thoughts was nice. I could just go with it.  

The color was going strong well into my bath. I grabbed the string from the teabag and slowly swirled it around, watching more color seep out of the bag.

After my bath, I noticed there was a ring of color around the tub so I scrubbed the tub down. For anyone who wants to try this product, make note of that and remember to give your tub a rinse after your bath.

Such a fun and different product. I truly found it relaxing and almost mesmerizing watching the color swirl in the water.