Self-care is more important than ever.  The pandemic has hit us all hard, in so many areas of our lives.

We all need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. Some pampering and self-care is important to your health and mental health.  Going to the spa for treatment would be lovely, but it isn’t always possible.  That makes self-care something you do at home. A great way to make it easier to find time to relax and pamper yourself is to prepare a self-care kit. Grab the kit and get your relaxation on whenever you need to.

Below you will find suggestions on items that are just what you need for self-care time.  It’s interesting to note that we have received most of these products in our subscription boxes.

  1. A journal and fun pens – think pretty colors or glitter, gel pens are so satisfying to write with
  2. Affirmation cards – you can buy or make these
  3. A colouring book and markers or pencil crayons – Colouring is almost meditative and a great way to relax
  4. Candles – always be careful when burning candles!
  5. Blanket – something fuzzy and warm that you can cuddle into
  6. Fuzzy socks – even better if they are cute or have fun patterns (we got great socks in the Let’s Go Eco winter box!)
  7. Music playlist – curate a list of songs that inspire you, move you or relax you. Put it on shuffle and let the music take you away
  8. Food treats – for some it will be a healthy treat and for others, it will be sweets or salty/crunchy. It’s all good!
  9. A warm drink – tea or hot chocolate are best but coffee is OK too (maybe go for decaf)
  10. Essential oils – Oils have various restorative and healing properties and the smells become an aromatherapy session for you
  11. Face mask – so many great options here – try a variety of different masks to keep the experience fresh and new
  12. Bath bomb – ’nuff said 
  13. Body scrub – a nice sugar scrub smells and feels great
  14. Manicure set and nail polish – there’s just something about knowing your nails look good!
  15. Hand and body lotion – it’s important to keep your skin hydrated and if you find one with a yummy smell, it enhances the experience
  16. Face serums – one thing I learned is I should have started using serums earlier! Don’t miss out on good serum – your skin will thank you by glowing and looking smooth and radiant
  17. Include activity cards, or an exercise band or yoga mat – moving your body is key to your physical and mental health

Spa night isn’t just about face masks, baths, and candles. It can also be about activities like journaling and colouring or enjoying a hot drink or some treats. Taking care of our minds is just as important as taking care of our bodies. 

Let us know what’s in your self-care kit!

Before we go we should also talk about how to store our items to make it easier to get to when we want to have a spa night.  You could find a box that is pretty or have a basket, or even a reusable grocery bag if it suits you.  Do whatever makes you feel good, just try to keep it all together for the next time that you will want to use it.

Our suggestions are to guide you but you should add or take away items so it’s the perfect kit for you. The most important part of this whole process is making the time to use your self-care kit. Try scheduling your time and consider it a firm commitment to yourself.