If you struggle with health issues or aren’t ready to get out in stores yet, or if you are just too busy to find time to shop for items to pamper yourself – subscription boxes are for you! Self-care, skincare, home decor,  books, kitchen and household items, and even delicious treats are delivered right to your door. It’s perfect!

Recently during some health issues, I found my subscription boxes to be a great comfort. It was nice to have something fun show up at my door. 

Sometimes I forgot about the box and it would be a great surprise. Other times I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the box. Either way, it’s just such a fun experience and a great way to treat yourself.

I like to try a variety of boxes – some that are luxurious and fun and a total splurge and others that are practical with items I use in my daily life. I love discovering new brands and products – especially because I am getting all Canadian boxes and most products are from Canadian small businesses. 

If you find you are having trouble finding time to pamper yourself and practice self-care – consider a subscription box! It’s a nice way to treat yourself and it forces you to sit down and take some time for yourself – at least as you open the box and hopefully as you use and enjoy the items.

That’s it. That’s the post. I just wanted to share the happiness I’ve felt from the boxes I get. I hope it inspires you to get some boxes too!