That is the motto of SAM & LANCE and I love it, as much as I have loved the boxes.

Before I share my personal experience with SAM & LANCE, let me share a little about the company:

The company was founded and is run by two sisters, Alora and Veronica. The sisters named the company after their Grandmothers. All products are made by women (which I LOVE). At least 50% of the products in each box are made by BIPOC owned companies (Great!). They plant one tree for every subscription to help offset the carbon footprint of shipping. All products are ethically verified. The sisters curate wonderful products and create an exceptional experience with their boxes.

They are great at communicating with their audience, through a fun and interesting newsletter and running active social profiles, including a lot of Lives.

They offer an affiliate and rewards program and an informative website. 

Here is just a small sampling of products SAM & LANCE have curated for their boxes:

  • Purpose Jewelry Knot Ring (pictured below)
  • For Goodness Oils Bug Spray
  • SOS Bliss Facial Mask
  • Laude the Label Key Ring (pictured below)
  • Jelyn Beauty Cuticle Oil (pictured below)
SAM & LANCE quarterly sub box

Stay tuned for more information on products from past boxes. 

Wonderful products aside, I am a fan of the customer service this company offers. I have received all three boxes and am eagerly awaiting the fourth box. 

First and foremost, I would say every time I have contacted the company, I felt heard and like they really do care. That alone creates a great experience. 

I have allergies and reactions to strong scents. If you don’t know, many companies aren’t able to accommodate allergies.  I was pleased with the response, when I discovered a product in one of the boxes had a very strong scent that made me feel ill. I contacted them and they quickly offered me something to ensure my satisfaction. 

In the next box, a product that could trigger my allergies was included. I reached out to let them know. They were apologetic and hand delivered a replacement product with a kind note. Their customer service is fast, responsive and very friendly. 

Im summary: this company checks all the boxes (haha no pun intended!).