Someone out there thinks they want to start a business. They want to curate beautiful, fun, luxurious, creative, unique boxes of products for us to enjoy. Then they decide to go for it and take action – and a business is born.

I support that business!

OK, I admit, I get excited as I learn about (and order) new boxes. I love the products, the packaging, and the little booklet that comes with it. I just love it all. But it’s more than just that…

As a businesswomen and entrepreneur, I am instantly pulling for these people to succeed. I am excited for them. I know their fear, excitement. The times when it’s easy and the times when it feels impossible.

One of our goals with this site is to be a platform that gives exposure to new businesses. Let me be clear – there is no fee, there never will be. Our business is not about charging box companies. We are here to be a resource to consumers and a platform for box companies. So reach out and let us know if you are a new company or you know of one. We will get you listed.

I don’t know anything about starting or running a box company. I imagine there are a lot of logistics and details. Trying and selecting products – ohh the fun I imagine. Designing the look and feel, picking the various materials that are both eco-friendly and beautiful. It’s got to be a labour of love. As a consumer – I can tell you, it’s worth it!

In my experience, the people starting and running these businesses have a real love for the people, the products and the experiences they deliver. That love for what they do, shows in their work.

Most of us need to work, we need an income. In my experience, the people that start businesses want more than that. They want to create or build or make a difference. And that is pretty damn cool in my eyes.

Shout out to the following boxes that are in their first year (at the time of publication):

The Craft & Tea Box – inaugural box is July 2021

Essentials Eco – just getting started! Looks fabulous!

Highway522 – started in Fall 2020 – Use Code HELLOFALL10 for a discount on the Fall box

Blisstubox – started in March 2021 – Use Code BOXSPOILERS15 for a discount!

Travelista – started in March 2021

Davids Tea– started in January 2021

Canuck Crate – started in 2021

PEACHES & cream – started in Fall 2020

SAM & LANCE – started in July 2020

Kidspire Crate – started in July 2020

Let’s Go Eco – started in Spring 2020

Natures Wellness – started in May 2020