Accommodations or boxes that offer alternatives for allergies and sensitivities are much-appreciated!

Allergies or sensitivity to smells can make it difficult to select a subscription box. You can always donate or gift the products you can’t use. But let’s face it, we want as many of the products to work for us, as possible.

We get that it may be hard to accommodate requests and substitutions – especially for newer companies who may not have as much product on hand. However, for the companies that are able to – it is greatly appreciated by consumers.

I have some allergies and it’s been wonderful to find companies that are able to accommodate that and make substitutions. The following companies have really impressed me with their support and accommodations:

  • SAM & LANCE noted my allergies and made substitutions. Thank you!  
  • I Live Eco offer vegan options – I appreciate this, I can enjoy the box and not have to make any exceptions to my diet and lifestyle.
  • Let’s Go Eco offers vegan options as well – it makes it great for Jenn!
  • Evive is gluten-free and has various options for people with allergies. These were convenient and delicious and because of their various options, they worked for me!
  • The Balanced Company offers snack and pantry boxes specifically for gluten-free, vegan, and keto. I am seriously considering ordering this box simply because it is a gluten-free box!

There are other box companies that offer options and/or accommodate for allergies. After I try them out, I’ll update this post or create a new one to give them a shoutout too.