Loti Wellness box caught my eye when I posted the spoilers in the beginning of the month and I just knew I had to have this box and it did not disappoint!

This box is valued at $107 – so you get a savings of $67.00 if you had purchased the products individually. Good value for my money!

In the box there was a pamphlet that had the products, how to use them and their price as well as any discount code they have for them. I find the code to be a very nice touch because it gives returning/direct business to these companies. It also helps me save more for whatever I order! Thank you Loti!

The August Box contained 6 full sized products:

  • Loti Wellness Savour Workbook $10
  • Grace and Stella Rescue My Hair Mask $27
  • Laspa Facial Cleanser $20
  • Buoy Easy Squeezy Electrolytes $15.99
  • Bathorium Mineral Milk Bath $22
  • Jubel Naturals Intensive Repair Cream $12

 I have never ordered one of their boxes prior to this, so I was very excited to see the box in person for the first time. Also, since I am a first time customer they sent a cute note thanking me and welcoming me to the community.

The box is so colorful and when you first open the box you see the tissue paper folded closed with a cute thank you sticker. Great presentation! Other than the tissue paper, the only other packaging was raffia. I always appreciate when things are packaged minimally.

I look forward to using all the products, but I am most looking forward to the milk bath! Prior to seeing spoilers for this box, I had been on the hunt for a nice milk bath, so this box was destined for me! I have plans to have a self-care night and try all the products at once so stay tuned for a post on that in the near future! 😉

For anyone who is as excited as I was to order my first box here is a code for 10% off: BOXSPOILERS10

Loti Wellness Box
Loti Wellness Box
Loti Wellness Box