Little Life Box was great and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it. It was my first time getting The Little Life Box, a quarterly healthy lifestyle box. I loved it! The box costs $49.95 and has an $80.00 value. 

A lot of different factors go into how I feel about a box. I look at the packaging and how eco-friendly it is, the presentation, the whole experience, the value of the box (therefore, the products) the products themselves, the alignment between the actual box and the expectations I had based on branding and marketing, and then my own personal likes and dislikes in terms of products. There may be products I don’t like or can’t use, but I can still appreciate the box that was curated. 

Little Life Box curated great products, and personally many were new to me, which is always nice. 

Inside the box I found:

Caprina Goats Milk Hand Soap
Jubel Naturals Outdoor Adventure Mist
Nutrazul Effervescent Vitamin C Tabs
Zero Decibel Calming Sparkling Beverage
Laritzy Waterproof Mascara
Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk
INKED By Dani Temporary Tattoos
Ola Bamboo Soft Toothbrush
7th Heaven Superfood Blueberry Mud Mask
Puur Cosmetics Mulberry Silk Scrunchie

I loved every product and with the exception of the temporary tattoos, I’ll use everything. 

The cleansing milk is what I am most excited about. There is a coupon for Dr. Hauschka inside the box.

The box is compact, with no extra packaging – I always love to see that.

This box was a hit with me and I highly recommend it!


Little Life Box
Little Life Box
Little Life Box
Little Life Box