Essentials Eco Winter 2021 box was another big hit!

Included in this box was:

  • Bee kind Beeswax Wraps
  • Wildcraft All Purpose Salve
  • Olsen & Olsen Sisal Soap Pouch
  • Your Green Kitchen Cloth Napkins
  • New Moon Tea Co. Relax & Renew Tea
  • Your Green Kitchen Reusable Tea Bags

Amy was most excited about the Reusable Tea Bags.  “I’m so excited to try these as I drink tea all the time and have several loose leaf teas.”  *Follow up – since her initial comment she has used and is loving the reusable tea bags.

I am always excited to discover new tea and loved the New Moon Tea Co. Relax & Renew Tea. A close second is the cloth napkins. So simple and elegant.

There was also a recipe for a DIY Salt Scrub. We love getting recipes and making things ourselves. 

Aside from the great products and the good value, we also love that we keep getting new items that we can swap out in our homes. So it’s always beneficial. We aren’t accumulating items we might use one day. Everything gets used right away and often. This box is the perfect blend of practical, useful items and a feeling of pampering. All of the products are so lovely and it’s exciting to discover new products. 

The soap pouch wasn’t something I had ever considered before. I am glad it was included – it’s a great new discovery for me.

If you are unfamiliar with Essentials Eco, learn more about them on their profile page. We’ve also done previous unboxings you can check out! Be sure to check out our information on their subscriber-only marketplace. Great prices and great products are available to their subscribers. We love the market and shared an unboxing of our marketplace items.