Essentials Eco launched a market for their subscribers. The market is a great place to access products from previous boxes or new items they make available. There are some great sales! It’s a great perk for their subscribers. Take a look at the things Amy and I ordered from the market the first month it was launched.

Amy was thrilled to buy more of the amber bottles and kitchen items – like pot scrubbers and a replacement head for a brush she uses frequently. She also loved the bottle brush. I was really excited about the beautiful towel and the mint cleaner. We were pleasantly surprised with the pricing and can’t wait to shop the market again!

If you are unfamiliar with Essentials Eco, learn more about them on their profile page. We’ve also done previous unboxings you can check out!

Essentials Eco is based in Western Canada and is committed to introducing people to new sustainable products they can swap out with the less eco-friendly options in their homes. The boxes are thoughtfully curated and include useful everyday items. The box is a great value. We are big fans and eagerly await our box each quarter! Brielle, founder of Essentials Eco involves her children in the business – showing them that living an eco-friendly life doesn’t have to be difficult and also exposing them to an entrepreneurial lifestyle, and most importantly showing that hard work and focus makes dreams come true. 

We love everything about this company, what they stand for, and the boxes. One of the things we love most about Box Spoilers is getting to know some pretty incredible people and supporting them and their businesses.