First and foremost, a big thank you to Brielle for her passion for living a sustainable life. Her commitment to the cause shows in the boxes – both in the products she chooses and the packaging of it all.

The packaging is simple, minimal, and eco-friendly – which we love.  Inside the box, you see the product card first. And on the back was a DIY recipe for a face wash. Love this!! In addition to the products, building a library of recipes is great for our eco-friendly journey.

Inside the Fall Box, we received:

  • The product card and recipe
  • Stainless Dalcini Bistro Box 
  • Cheeks Ahoy Beauty Cloth 
  • Plantish Bottle Brush
  • So Charcoal Cleansing Bar
  • Bamboo Toothbrushes
  • Botanical Stain Stick

Amy really loved the bottle brush and stain stick. Both were on her sustainable wish list. I loved the toothbrushes and the beauty cloth – it is so soft!

Every product is useful, and high quality. We are thrilled with this box. It’s a great investment to help support your eco-friendly life and the value you get for the money paid is great. 

We highly recommend this box to anyone. If you are a beginner on your journey to a more sustainable life, this box makes it so easy to swap out day-to-day products and move further along in your journey. If you are already living a sustainable life, this is such a great way to try new products. 

Getting the box is a great opportunity to bring your kids into your journey and let them learn about eco-friendly products.

Essentials Eco SUbscription Box
Sustainable products
Essentials Eco Subscription Box
Essentials Eco Fall 2021 Subscription Box
Essentials Eco Bistro Box
Charcoal Cleansing Bar