Redy Period Products. Made for women, by women. Love it! Here’s my experience and story.

I’ve spent the last few years trying to get more into sustainability and doing things to help our planet and making eco-friendly swaps as I go. I like to think that I’ve made good progress. I use sustainable products in my kitchen and bathroom and skincare routine – but I am far from perfect. Sustainability isn’t about doing everything perfectly, it’s about making changes and doing the best you can.  Nobody is perfect.  

One day I was looking in my bathroom at what changes I had made and it occurred to me that I continue to use period products that are mass-produced and full of toxins. This was an area I could make a change and be more eco-friendly.

I know about the cup and period underwear, but I wanted to see if there were any other alternatives.

We had already started our journey with Boxspoilers so I was particularly interested to see if I could find an eco-friendly option that I could subscribe to. 

That’s when I discovered Redy. 

I made my first purchase just to see what it was like and I was pleasantly surprised.  My first purchase was a single purchase to make sure that I liked the product before subscribing.  Once my products ran out and I had to go back to traditional pads and tampons I realized how much more I liked the Redy products.  I went ahead and started my subscription and don’t have any intentions of ever going back.

I looked into the company as well and easily fell in love with everything about them.  We followed them on social media and love how they keep it real. They say the stuff people think but are afraid to say out loud. They have the important conversations.

I’ve been using Redy products for a while now and I only have one thing I wish I could change.  The labeling.  Specifically their pads.  The boxes and products look identical, which is aesthetically pleasing but I found I would have to take a sharpie and write on the wrappers what they were so I could tell the regular from the super.

We actually had a call with Redy, at their request – they wanted to get to know us since we had engaged with them on social media. It was a wonderful call where we shared ideas and talked about how we could support each other. It reinforced again how great they are. I shared my suggestions with them about the packaging and they were grateful for the feedback.

This is a company that I feel 100% confident about endorsing. Check them out if you are looking for better period products.