Products are advertised, talked about on social, recommended, and featured in magazines. We can’t escape product promotion. It works – so it will continue. I don’t mind ads, I like to discover new products (or ones that are just new to me). Although, nothing is better than discovering a new product in a subscription box.

I usually like most products in the boxes I get, but there is usually one that I fall in love with. That is the best. It’s also really good for the product company. They will typically get a lot of exposure when they are discovered in a subscription box.

There have actually been a lot of products I have fallen in love with – and I have ordered them from the company when I ran out of the product that came in my box. Many I’ve ordered multiple times.

This is just off the top of my head, so it’s not an exhaustive list. Some of the products I love from sub boxes:

  • Sahajan Lip Karma – I love how this smells and feels. It’s on my desk beside me and I use it all day long.
  • Sahajan Sleep Well Bath Soak – This smells so great and is so relaxing. This is my favorite bath soak.
  • The Duffle Bag in the Spring Balanced Lifestyle Box – Very cool bag with lots of pockets (including one designed for products that may leak) and I like the color.
  • Imaya Retinoic Face Oil– Love how my skin feels, this product has become part of my daily routine
  • Cheeks Ahoy Beauty Cloth¬†– This is soft, and good for the environment
  • Pain Be Gone– Can’t live without this! This helps with all my aches and pains.

Stay tuned for my next Blog when I share some more products! Please share your favorites in the comment section or send us a message on social media.