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April 2022

Haumana Bars
Baobob and Chocolate Haumana Bars

Haumana Energy Bars

These bars are AMAZING!

I had been curious about them for a long time and I got on their mailing list but I didn’t order, I wanted to finish up some other snacks I had bought.

Every month they do a little quiz to see if you can guess the flavor of the month. I participated once and they replied in person to my guess (I was wrong!) and they were so friendly.

When I participated again the next time (I was right!) their response blew me away because it was so chatty and friendly. They take the time to answer personally – it’s not a quick cookie-cutter answer. They really care about their customers.

I decided to place an order then. I love supporting businesses that work so hard to get it all right!

I got the flavor of the month and their classic flavor. That month the flavor was blueberry. I loved it! The classic with chocolate (BaoBab with Chocolate) was also delicious.

It’s healthy, handmade in Montreal, DELICIOUS and they truly care about great customer service and getting to know their customers. It was a no-brainer, I subscribed to their monthly box. Each month, my box arrives and I know I have a healthy snack to go to. 

I have continued to stay in touch with them by email – getting an email from them is always a bright spot in my day. 

I’ve had the Blueberry and then Cranberry and last month with Apricot. Every flavor has been delicious and I love the variety.

Everything about this company and their product is wonderful. I wholeheartedly support them and recommend their products.

– Jenn