Do you remember the Island of Misfit Toys from Rudolph? The toys no one wanted. I loved that Rudolph Christmas special – and I always felt sad for those throwaways.

Products on the Island of Misfit Toys
The Island of Misfit Toys

Every subscription box, as perfectly curated as it is – has some throwaways for the customers. It may be a repeat, or an allergy, a preference for another product or a blatant dislike. Whatever the reason is, you have some box misfits. What do you do with them?

Regifting is common and it’s a great way to get the products out of your home and into the hands of someone that will enjoy them.

Donating them is also a great option. There are organizations in the community that need these products – refugees, women in shelters, women trying to break back into the working world and so much more – can use these products. In many cases, they have so little and whether it’s a practical item or something to bring a little joy into a life that is difficult, the donation will be greatly appreciated.

Personally, I have been donating products I can’t use to The Fresh Start Project. Taken from their site, their mission is: “Our purpose is to help individuals and families have an easier transition from a shelter to a home by helping fill the cupboards, shelves and drawers with items to create a place that feels like home, while being welcomed to their community.”

Visit our social media and share your ideas for products you can’t/won’t use. We will compile them and add them to this post – giving you credit for the idea.