As a small business owner, one of the biggest challenges you may face is marketing. Learning what tools and apps you need, where you should focus your time, energy, and budget. What will give you the most exposure?

There are so many programs out there that promise the leads and sales will come pouring in if you just follow 3 simple steps. Some of those programs are good – some work. Some don’t. But even the ones that work, miss the mark, and here is why:

Marketing is not about following steps in a system. Marketing is about understanding human behavior. Marketing is about knowing your audience.

Only once you understand human behavior and then understand the specifics that motivate your audience, can you truly build a brand that people trust, recommend, and stay loyal to.

The most successful marketing demonstrates a true understanding of your audience’s goals, speaks in a tone they can relate to and offers a solution that they believe in.

There are some tips and tricks that can help you learn to use these tactics in your marketing and increase the response to your campaigns.

I love teaching and I love marketing, so I see this as a great opportunity for me to help some really awesome businesses get some helpful knowledge!

I can only offer this to subscription box companies right now. Here is an overview:

You will receive:

  • Material that I have developed on getting to know your audience, messaging, and building loyalty
  • A consultation to review what you are doing now and some suggestions on how to ramp up results
  • A lesson on building a marketing plan
  • Review of tools and apps to support or boost your marketing efforts.
  • Some time to answer any questions you may have

There is only one thing I ask in return – feedback on the information and advice I give you.

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