Subscription boxes – are they a splurge? Something to covet but feel guilty about spending money on? Are they frivolous?

No! Not at all!

Please know that I am not being insensitive to the varying financial situations that people experience. This post assumes if you are buying or considering buying subscription boxes, it is in the realm of reasonable for you.

The reason for this post is after my own initial feelings that these boxes were a guilty pleasure I needed to hide, I have come to realize these boxes are gifts to ourselves. They are rejuvenating, they are inspiring and motivating. They give us the tools and treats needed for self-care. They allow us to focus on ourselves and affirm that we deserve to treat and pamper ourselves.

We need to learn that self-care and pampering are healthy and needed to refill our cups and ensure we can maintain a strong, positive mindset as we navigate everything we encounter in life.

Subscription boxes have taken off the way they have because so many people love the surprise, the products, the convenience, and the commitment to themselves – the reminder that they deserve goodness and pampering. There is also such a wide variety of box types – you are sure to find one that offers just what you want and need.

I don’t know if you needed to hear this – if not, check our other posts – there is one for you! πŸ˜‰

If you did need to hear this – take it in. Celebrate yourself. Pamper yourself. Emjoy every minute of feeling great. And don’t forget, every purchase supports these amazing box companies that are local, women-owned, BIPOC-owned, and being run by someone who has a dream they are hustling to achieve.

If you have a favorite box, comment below and let us know which one and why it’s your fav! We love to hear from you and are happy to support box companies.