Self-care for every month of the year

Loti Wellness


Self-care and pampering

Loti Wellness was founded in 2019. They offer a referral program and are in the process of implementing a rewards program. They offer a store on the site.

They give back to a program called Elephant in the Room by the Mood Disorder Society of Canada.



5-8 wellness-inspired and lifestyle products as well as therapeutic activities, designed to help you enjoy “me time”. The products include a mix of natural bath and body, skincare, candles, aromatherapy, and much more. They can’t guarantee accomodations but let them know your needs, and they will do their best.

Loti Wellness Box Photos

Loti Wellness
Loti Wellness Box
Loti Wellness Box
Loti Subscription Box
Loti Wellness Box
Loti Wellness Subscription Box

Individual Box:  $49.95 

3 months: $167.95 (works out to $47.99 per box)

6 months: $327.95 (works out to $46.67 per box)

12 months: $639.45 (works out to $45.29 per box)

Billing Dates: 10th of the month


$7.99 in Canada
$10.99 in the contiguous U.S.
$15.99 in Hawai

Ships to: Canada and United States

Shipping Dates: 25th – 31st of the month

Packaing Materials: Made in Canada, mostly post-consumer recycled fibres