As promised, here are my updated thoughts on the products in the Loti Wellness Box. I had a night of self-care and pampering and I tested all the products. Here are my thoughts…

  • Loti Wellness Savour Workbook $10 – This was well written and a nice addition to the box. I personally don’t find myself drawn to workbooks very often, but I enjoyed this one.
  • Grace and Stella Rescue My Hair Mask $27 – I LOVED this product. My hair was feeling a little dry and ready for some nourishment. This hair mask did the trick amazingly and it smelled good! That’s a win in my book!
  • Laspa Facial Cleanser $20 – I have naturally oily and red skin with many annoying pimples (thanks genetics) so I implement a very consistent face care routine. I am open to trying new, high quality products.  Let me tell you… this product did not fail me. It made my face feel soft and there was no oiliness left over – which is rare! I will definitely be purchasing directly through them!
  • Buoy Easy Squeezy Electrolytes $15.99 – I am a big fan of waters that have extra electrolytes in them, so I was very excited when I saw this product. I love that they don’t add any extra sweeteners or flavors like other brands do. I like how natural and refreshing they keep it!
  • Bathorium Mineral Milk Bath $22 – This right here is the star of the show… I loved this bath! I loved the smell, I loved that the package was resealable (I happen to keep mine in a jar but I can see how this is a great feature) I loved how I felt during and after the bath (very soft and relaxed) and the amount of product in the package was far more than I was expected. This one’s a 10/10 for sure.
  • Jubel Naturals Intensive Repair Cream $12 – My skin is very sensitive to a lot of products, so I was hesitant to try a product like this but I’m glad I did. It smelled amazing and it made my skin feel nice almost instantly after applying.

 Overall, this box was amazing! I plan to continue using most of these products. It’s refreshing to see companies who are doing a truly amazing job at creating quality products. And a round of applause to Loti Wellness for curating such an amazing box <3


Loti Wellness Box