Highway 522 is a new box – and it is fabulous. The box appears simple and elegant. Sophisticated is how Amy described it. Both of which are great, it adds to the feeling of pampering and spoiling ourselves. 

I knew what was in the box before I opened it, but I was no less excited to open it. All products come from Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs. Love that!

The products curated for this box were: 

  • Shady Lady – Sun Glasses
  • Hand Made Gratitude Scrunchie
  • Rene Furterer Paris – Solaire  Sun Ritual protective summer fluid 3.3floz/100ml and a Comb
  • Highway 522  – Essentials Lemon Eucalyptus Outdoor Spray 2.7oz/ 80ml
  • Mandy Fuller – Hydration Mineral Defense Creme 0.5floz/ 15ml
  • Two Knots – bracelet 
  • Lualoha – The Better Towel
  • Jamie Behl Fitness – Hit Hard Online Training

Including online fitness training was a nice touch – a great way to support a service business and a wonderful reminder for customers that this is truly a lifestyle box and includes something different.

Amy loved the sun-protective spray for hair.  She has never seen anything like it. She also liked the sunglasses – although they are unlike anything she’s worn before – I assured her they looked great on her. Now we just need a sunny day so she can try them out!

We are both excited to try the outdoor spray. 

I love love love the Mandy Fuller Hydration Mineral Defense Creme.  It smells wonderful and makes my face feel great. I use so many different products – this one really stood out for me. 

All of the products were a hit. Truly, the entire experience was.

The packaging materials from the boxes to the corrugated wrap to the tissue paper are eco-friendly.​ Inside the box, the individual products had minimal packaging.  Only the comb came in a plastic bag, and the towel had a paper sleeve around it to hold it together.

There was also the bag that the bracelet came in which is good for storage.

The box was packed neatly, with care. There was a handwritten note, as well as a sample of Rene Furterer Paris – Tonucia Replumping Conditioning Mask 0.5floz/15ml and a coupon for Sap Suckers.

We both loved this box and really enjoyed the unboxing experience. We recommend this box to any woman who wants to spoil herself – while also getting real practical value for the money spent. You will love it!