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Highway 522


Box full of beauty goodies

Highway 522 started with FREE “Gratitude Boxes” for all essential workers across Canada in collaboration with Canadian Businesses and Entrepreneurs in July of 2020. Their first official Lifestyle Series released in the Fall of 2020. If you have allergies, the company asks that you contact them at contact@hwy522.ca to inform them of your allergy prior to purchasing any subscription, or one-time box purchase. They give back to the communities seasonally by donating scrunchies to Essential Workers in 2021. They are currently in collaboration with many Canadian charities and will have more information in months to come.

HIghway 522 Lifestyle Box

New Box: Teen (Olivia & Reese)

One-time Purchase: $89.99

Annual Subscription: $319.96 (works out to $79.99 per box) 

Unique Canadian brands tailored to young women every season. Winter/Holiday series is valued at $175+ (CAD).

 *Annual Subscription: Every TEEN will receive at least $110 (CAD) of unique Canadian products.


5-7 high-quality full-sized products

The Seasonal Gratitude Lifestyle Boxes promote health, well-being and include high-end products from Canadian Businesses and Entrepreneurs. Their Seasonal Series Box Features ONLY unique high-end products from Canadian Businesses and Entrepreneurs. In addition to the Box, they sell a few items from their site.


Box Spoiler Team Photos

Box Spoiler Team Photos

Box Spoiler Team Photos

Box Spoiler Team Photos

Box Spoiler Team Photos

Highway 522 Photos

HIghway 522
Highway 522 Lifestyle Box
Gratitude Box
Quarterly Lifestyle Box
Quarterly Subscription Box
SAM & LANCE sub box

Single Purchase Member Price: $$199.00

Annual Subscription: $719.96 (works out to be $179.99 per box)

Billing Dates: When you sign up if it is a single purchase or the same day the following year if annual.


Shipping calculated at checkout

Ships to: Canada and United States

Shipping Dates: Their goal is to ensure you will receive your seasonal box/package on or before the 15th of the featured seasonal month. (December, March, June, and September)

Packaging Materials: Packing materials from the boxes to the corrugated wrap to the tissue paper are eco-friendly.​

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