Seasonal boxes to spoil yourself



Your preferences determine what you get

FAIR/SQUARE gives 10% of annual proceeds to local sanctuaries and vegan minded organizations.

FAIR/SQUARE Subscription Box

You get to select 2 options from different categories.  Food/drink and snacks, skin and body care, wellness and lifestyle, apparel and accessories, or a bit of everything. You can select scent preferences. Always a surprise, everyone is different based on their preferences! Note any allergies when you submit your order. They have a store on their site, in addition to their boxes.



Single Box: $50.00 per box

Quarterly Subscription: $50.00 per box

Annual Subscription: $216.00 (works out to $45.00 per box)

Billing Dates: Every 3 months from your first purchase.


Shipping Fee: $9.00

Shipping Dates: Around the 15th of March, June, September, and December