Today, we welcome Leslie Tan, Founder of Do Good Paper Co. to share her thoughts with us as a guest author. We feel lucky to share Leslie’s post with you – as we get to know her, we are so impressed with her passion for her company, her kindness, and her dedication to building a business that allows her to give back and make the world a better place. ** We also have to mention her products are functional, beneficial in every day life but also so luxurious!

The concept of subscription boxes swept into our country and consumers welcomed it with open arms and joy. They’re fun to receive, to give, and even for the business owners to put together. There are subscription boxes for virtually everyone, and the variety out there is incredible. Is a subscription box right for you? Yes! And they make fantastic gifts.

Here are 7 reasons why:

1. The anticipation and surprise element

The #1 reason subscription boxes are so popular is because simply put, they are fun! There is so much anticipation, starting from the moment the customer makes the purchase, to receiving it and opening the lid, and throughout the entire unboxing experience because each product is unique.

When subscribers purchase a Do Good Paper Co. subscription, they may be given the theme and approximate timing, but there remains a lot of mystery, especially when it comes to the actual products included. Even those who claim not to like surprises will enjoy the delight of discovering new items in a subscription box.

2. Great value for money

The value of goods combined is usually much greater than what the customer pays. This is possible because we, the business owner, buy the items in bulk and usually receive a discount from the vendors.

There are subscription boxes available at various price points so subscribers can choose something that fits their budget. At any level, customers are sure to get a great deal.

And!… if there’s anything in the box that you think is more suited to someone you know, you can always share it with a friend or save it for a future gift (psst… it’s not a bad thing to re-gift!).

3. Introduction to new brands and new products

We procure items from a variety of vendors, so subscribers get to experience new goods and services from brands they may have never heard of before. Furthermore, since the products are already picked out for the consumer, there is a good chance they will end up trying something they’ve never tried before. Businesses are always looking for new and trending items, and the subscriber often gets these new things delivered right to them early on.

4. Supporting local small businesses

This growing consumer attitude has really benefitted small businesses, many of whom have been greatly impacted during the pandemic. There is a known saying within the small business owner community, when a sale is made, an actual person (the owner) does a happy dance. And it’s true!… or in my case, a harmonized “Woohoo” is hollered by me and my husband simultaneously.

Do Good Paper Co.’s notebooks and journals have ended up in numerous other gift and subscription boxes, so our products have reached new potential customers that we wouldn’t have been able to find ourselves. The marketing budget and human power of a small business are limited, so this type of exposure is extremely helpful.

Customers feel proud to support Canadian entrepreneurs and local small businesses, so receiving a subscription box is a great gift to receive because it also gave.

5. Gifting made easy

Many subscription box providers sell their boxes as one-time gift boxes. This is a great way for subscribers to try out a box before committing to a long-term subscription. And it’s a fantastic gift to purchase for someone else. The concept of subscription boxes is relatively new in Canada, so it’s a unique gift to give and to receive.

All of the procurement of the included items is already done, and the subscription box company also packages the box beautifully so it always presents well. Personalized messages are almost always welcome, and the gift can be shipped to whichever address the purchaser wants.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a lazy way to gift. Choosing the perfect gift box can be an incredibly personal experience and the buyer’s ultimate goal is to choose one that their gift recipient is going to love.

6. Indulging in specific interests

One reason people get addicted to subscription boxes is that they feed into a passion. Consumers with specific interests have a place to go – a community and participate in a certain culture that not everyone will understand. And it’s rewarding to receive items that allow them to indulge.

While ours is a stationery-specific box (we always mix in a few lifestyle items for a special experience, there are numerous other categories, such as beauty, books, food, kids, pets, and the list goes on. There’s truly something out there for everyone.

7. It’s a good pandemic thing to do

Although the situation in Canada seems to be trending positively, some of us are still cautious and limiting how much we go out for shopping and entertainment. With subscription boxes, we can still have fun experiences at home.

Subscription box providers carefully select items that go along with a certain theme, and products that complement each other, so that they come together as a feast for the eyes. When a customer starts unboxing, they get a full experience that is hard to put into words.

This holiday season, consider subscription boxes for your loved ones, and don’t be shy to ask for them! For all the reasons listed above, I am confident they’ll make some people very happy.