Hello everyone!  Nice to meet you, I’m Kaia, Head of Social Media at BoxSpoilers. 

I have been subscribing to subscription boxes since I was 10. Fast forward 10 years and I am even more addicted… 

I have subscribed to boxes such as Ipsy, Lunarly and Mighty Nest. Ipsy was my longest-running subscription. It got me through my hormonal teenage years with that pesky hormone acne – skincare products and makeup to cover up were very welcome!

I now gravitate to a variety of different lifestyle, spiritual, food and beauty boxes. 

I have subscribed to Lunarly to enhance some self-love and spirituality.  I subscribed to a camping box (The Nomadik) which has helped me build up a huge collection of camping/hiking gear I didn’t even know I needed! 

The most recent and my favorites are the Mighty Nest. I use their products daily and I even go back to purchase more. I also use HelloFresh and am ADDICTED to their recipes. I have a picky eater in my house (*cough*my husband*cough*) and I haven’t come across a recipe that he doesn’t like! Knock on wood. 

I am happy to admit, along with Amy & Jenn, I am addicted to subscription boxes

It’s the thrill of opening them – I feel like a kid at Christmas EVERY time I get a new box. It doesn’t matter what type of box it is, which company I subscribe to that month, I love it all. 

I love them so much I even have gotten my husband, mom and sister addicted to subscription boxes. 

I have a growing list of boxes I am going to try. Stay tuned to learn more about the boxes I try.