Welcome to my subscription box journey!

“I’m gonna be broke, but that’s OK, I can make a house out of all my boxes”

That was a few months into my journey into the world of the subscription box. I’m happy to report, I still have my apartment. I’m also happy to report that my love of (read: addiction to) boxes is going strong.

It all started innocently enough – I discovered Ipsy. I loved the little bags that came with the products each month and the products were great. I loved the surprise factor. 

Little did I know this was just the very tippy top of the iceberg. 

Fast forward about two years later, I was living in California and decided to move back home to Canada. 

It was good to be back home. It was good to be with my family. I decided to get Ipsy for my nieces – and they were so excited.

— Cue the ominous music, you know what I mean, that music in the movies that lets viewers know that shock and horror were imminent. — 

The shipping fees! Who knew Canadians had to pay so much for shipping from the U.S.?!

It was enough to cause me to cancel my subscription – to be fair – I really didn’t need any more product or makeup bags. I kept it going for my nieces though – the excitement on their faces when it arrived was worth it!

For me, I was happy with my Ipsy run and content to find somewhere else to spend that money.

Enter FabFitFun

What was this magical box of miracles? I was intrigued – or possibly obsessively in love – with FabFitFun. But the cost, and the shipping. Such a splurge. One that I was going to resist.

I held out for quite a while, and when I finally gave in, I didn’t tell anyone. My secret splurge. I waited, tracked the shipping, and imagined the treasures I would find. I got a single box, not yet ready to commit to the subscription. I didn’t make any product selections. It was all going to be a surprise – a delicious, wonderfully scented surprise. 

The box arrived and it was beautiful – although a little banged up.

I tore into it and revelled in each product. I shared pics and made excited calls, ready to let people know I was now officially splurging on myself.

From there, I discovered Causebox and SinglesSwag. I was loving it all.

Never a big fan of YouTube, I had no idea I was completely missing out on unboxing videos, spoilers and coupon codes. 

I’m going to leave it here for now – stay tuned as I share insights into the products and boxes that I explored. I learned a lot and I’ll share it all!