Box Spoilers Box of the Month

January 2022

Essentials Eco

Essentials Eco

This is the second time Essentials Eco has made it as Box of the Month! It’s well deserved!

The boxes are always filled with useful products that allow us to swap out less eco-friendly items in our homes. The boxes are always so well thought out and curated. It always delights me to see how beautiful many of the products are – it’s an added perk when I open the box. I love the aesthetics of the items.

The quality of the products and the success of this box is credited to the founder, Brielle. She has a deep passion for saving our planet and she shares her knowledge and insights and helps us on our journey – regardless of what stage we are at with it (even people already living an eco-friendly life will find new products in this box!)

The box is always a great value. 

This company is working hard to make a real difference in the world and the lives of all its subscribers.

They recently released a Market for subscribers where you can get great products and some sales!  See the video below to learn more.

Explore their profile, which includes links to reviews and more.

Congrats Brielle and the Essentials Eco Team!

Each box contains 5 – 7 curated items to help you lower your waste + practice sustainability in your home. They only release a few spoilers, to ensure subscribers get a fun surprise as part of the experience. (We love that!) All of their items are from North American companies. Products may include (but are not limited to):
– cleaning solutions
– kitchen utensils
– natural or low tox alternatives
– personal wellness solutions
– single-use alternatives
– skincare products
– oral or personal hygiene products