This is the second BlisstuBox for the company and it’s my second time being thrilled!

Let’s start with the appearance of the box. It was delivered outside my door and neighbours commented on how pretty it was and asked what I got. So we know it makes a great first impression!

When I opened the box, I was happy to once again find a card with a photo of a woman and some information about an important woman in history.

Now the good stuff – the products! Once again I definitely felt there was great value for my money.

The bath bombs were beautiful and I was instantly excited to use them. I love a good bath bomb and these look so wonderful.

The Hyaluronic Facial Serum caught my attention next. I always love a good serum so I was looking forward to trying this one. I used it that night and loved it. My face feels really soft and nice. Definitely a product I’ll continue to use.

This is one of the most exciting parts of these boxes – finding a product that I want to continue to use. Don’t get me wrong, even the ones I choose not to continue with are still fun to try and learn about. But the ones I know I’ll continue to use make me happy.

The Recovery Salve is in a cute little container so it’s easy to throw in my purse. The scent is subtle and the salve works to help with sore, tired muscles. Love this one!

The tea, candle and sleep roll-on were also fun to find in there. A good soy candle will always be put to good use.

I am a tea fanatic – the basket that I store my tea in is overflowing. I was thrilled to add this tea to the basket. I love the presentation in the simple bag, the smell got me and the tea was delicious.

This box was an amazing second box – the same quality, thoughtful product curation and value for my money.

The owners, Mandy and Harman have been so wonderful – helpful and responsive.

I highly recommend this box to anyone – but especially to women who don’t make enough time to pamper themselves. This box makes it easy to feel pampered and to appreciate the decadence of the products.

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