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Friendship, family, a love of subscription boxes, a budget and a drive all combined to create Let me explain…

Two long-time friends, both with a love for subscription boxes, found themselves frequently discussing sub boxes and every glorious product inside these boxes of joy. 

Each month we reviewed the spoilers, evaluated the cost and value, reviewed the shipping, scoped out social and unboxing videos – all to try to decide which box to get that month. Turns out I can’t just purchase every box I want. 

Amy’s organization skills and love of detail came in handy, building charts to help me narrow down my options. 

Suddenly it hit me – with my marketing and tech skills and Amy’s organization skills, rather than create charts each month for ourselves, we could put together a site designed to track all of the important details and compare the boxes.

It didn’t take long for us to jump in and start building Box Spoilers. Our goal is to become a resource for both consumers with a passion for boxes and people yet to discover the thrill of subscription boxes. We want to inform you, so you can easily decide where to best spend your hard earned dollars. We also want to share insider scoops, advice, reviews, tips and more.

Enter family – Jenn’s goddaugher Kaia was quickly called on to join this project and work her magic on our social media. 

Box Spoilers has launched, very much in its infancy.  We plan to grow this into a resource for the community and to do some really cool things.

Supporting eco-friendly, women-owned and BIPOC-owned businesses is important to us. Supporting Canadian businesses is also important. We want to create exposure for these businesses and be part of their growth and success.

We pledge to:

  • never charge box companies for their profiles on our site
  • publish current, accurate information to the very best of our ability
  • share any coupon codes, special offers and discounts we can get our hands on – to ensure you always have the best deals
  • be good humans – helping and supporting and making sure that giving back is a big part of our mission

Check our Blog often, as we share new features, stories, reviews, products and so much more.

With much appreciation, gratitude and excitement,

Jenn on behalf of myself, Amy & Kaia

“Do not be afraid to give yourself everything you’ve ever wanted in life.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright


Highway 522 Unboxing & Review Summer 2022

Unboxing a Highway 522 box is always fun - there are always luxurious products and they are always from Canadian businesses. I've unboxed Hwy 522 quite a few times and I am always thrilled. In this box: Shady Lady Sunglasses Rattan Woven Bag the takesumi detox...

Little Life Box “You’re A Queen” Unboxing & Review July 2022

This is not my first Little Life Box, I've loved all of them. This one is a special one though - it was the Mother's Day box and they sold the leftover ones as the You're A Queen box. It had products I've gotten before but it was still a really nice box. In this box:...

Hushbug Book Box Unboxing & Review July 2022

Hushbug Book Box July 2022 Unboxing and Review! I love this box! It's my second time getting it and I am thrilled. I had a glitch when ordering. When I contacted support, they were quick to respond, very helpful and so kind. Turns out it was human error! 🙂 I haven't...

Summer Sun…Summer Skincare

Summer Skin Care Tips! Summer is almost here! Does it feel like it took forever to you?  It does to me! Now that it's almost here, it's time to get into summer mode - which means cute outfits, sandals and sun protection! Here are some skin care tips to make sure your...

Customer Service

Consumers are more discerning about where they spend their money these days. In addition to a great product or service, consumers want a great experience. Studies show that people will actually pay more for a great experience.  Customer service is an important part of...

Meal Kits – Are They Worth It?

Meal Kits - are they really a better option?  Does it depend on which company you go with? I'll share my first experience and my thoughts so far. I was really curious to try a meal kit service.  I see them everywhere, in the media, and even in my mailbox.  I looked...

Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips! If you are like us, we love discovering new tips. Here is a collection of our favorite beauty tips. If you’re out of shaving cream, lather your legs with conditioner. The conditioner will soften the hair on your legs making it easier to shave. It also...

Redy: My Experience

Redy Period Products. Made for women, by women. Love it! Here's my experience and story. I’ve spent the last few years trying to get more into sustainability and doing things to help our planet and making eco-friendly swaps as I go. I like to think that I’ve made good...

meowbox May 2022 Unboxing & Review

Meowbox is a success! Amy and her cat Emma both loved it. This is her first time getting the box.  Inside the box was: Catit NUNA Treats Bubble Bath Catnip Toy Nail Polish Catnip Toy Cucumber Eye Patch Catnip Toy Green Juice Catnip Toy Emma loved the nail polish...

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