Small business owners need our help!

Since we started this journey in April of this year we have seen a few companies close their doors for good. We are also noticing many empty storefronts in our neighbourhood. It’s been a tough time for many small businesses.

These are people trying to make ends meet doing something they love. There is a ripple effect, as many of these businesses are trying to feature products from other small Canadian businesses. So these companies lose exposure and sales.

Our mission is to support small Canadian businesses in any way we can, and that is why we continue to feature different box companies and the products they curate, in order to create more traffic, exposure and ultimately more sales for these companies.  

Online shopping with overnight delivery can be hard for consumers to resist, so companies like Amazon, Walmart and other big-box stores make it harder for the smaller businesses to compete. 

We are making a conscious effort to change the way we do things and buy from small businesses online locally. We are also excited to have started using markets from box companies like Essentials Eco. Acre75 Gathered, Loti Wellness and so many others offer markets as well.

We are also going to the product companies directly when we run out of the initial product. 

Box companies also offer great options for gift giving. A one-time box is a great gift. CanuckCreate, Sweet Reads, SAM & LANCE and many others offer these gifts for the loved ones in your life.

We ask you to consider how you can divert the dollars you spend to small business and minority-owned businesses. When small businesses thrive, we all benefit!

Explore to find businesses you can support. The quality of products, presentation of the boxes and service by these businesses have made it such a great experience for us.